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Best ever dentist, and not in it for the money! SO HAPPY!

Dr, Harrison and staff are the best in town! I appreciate the time that Dr. Harrison spends with me explaining what is happening with my teeth and offering solutions to problems that make since. Genuinely wants to help his patients. Does not seem to be all about the money. His staff also expresses that same level of care which is refreshing these days.

Dr. Harrison, Just wanted to thank you for such a wonderful team you have in your office! Thank you for your services also! Joy is a blessing to me. She is very professional and always kind and willing to work with me on my lunch hour. I thank you for the Bible verse you shared with me yesterday. "Be not weary in well doing" I really needed those words. What a wonderful experience it is to come to your office. Again thank you!

Dr. Harrison, when I first became your dental patient I knew that I had a very large overbite and that I had some difficulties chewing which resulted in the periodic damage of several areas of my gums. Additionally there was some distinct wear on several of my teeth. I was also experiencing discomfort, sometimes severe when biting or chewing and was occasionally not chewing effectively. This condition had been going on for many years and I became accustomed to my overall negative biting and chewing experiences. At the end of last year you explained to me what was happening with my bite and what the eventual resulting condition would be if there was no action taken. Jointly we decided to proceed with a course of action resulted in three distinct steps: the first step required 8 crowns to be fitted and installed; second was three crowns , and the last was two crowns. Those procedures were indeed quite involved and lengthy, however with your expertise and the great support from your staff. The assistant was very competent and professional. The front office ensured timely appointments and coordination with the dental insurance, everything turned out so much better than I expected and was definitely not as uncomfortable as I had anticipated. Within the first three months this year I had a completely new bite, could chew better, and generally felt much more comfortable. It has now been several weeks since your completion of the procedures and I must say that my mouth and bite are so much better and more comfortable than I realized they could be. There are, of course, some additional very positive side effects such as I am no longer self conscious of smiling or showing my teeth while around others. I will certainly continue to be your dental patient as long as you will accept me, and I will surely recommend you and your team to family and friends.  

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