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Dental extractions are generally a last resort, reserved for when more conservative options have failed and the tooth becomes irreparably damaged, putting a person's greater oral (and in some cases general health) at risk. In the case of wisdom teeth, which can cause crowding or become impacted, extraction is a common treatment option. Harrison Dental Associates in Panama City, FL, offers dental extractions for a range of situations that affect both adult and pediatric patients.

Dental Extractions 

A tooth may require extraction for a number of reasons. The most common causes of a dental extraction include:

1. Impacted wisdom teeth - A tooth becomes impacted when it fails to fully erupt (grow) through the gums, essentially becoming partially stuck in the gums, increasing the risk for potential complications like pain and infections. Because the wisdom teeth (also referred to as third molars) usually erupt much later than the rest of the adult teeth (late teens to early twenties), they often contribute to crowding because they don't have enough room to fully erupt. Extracting impacted wisdom teeth is a common solution to relieve issues that could potentially affect the surrounding teeth.

2. Significant trauma and tooth decay - The teeth are living entities that contain nerves and blood vessels. When the nerve endings and tissue inside a healthy tooth (known as pulp) become exposed to bacteria or are damaged through trauma or extensive tooth decay, they can become permanently injured, potentially causing the tooth to die. Removing a tooth is usually the last resort after more conservative treatments like a root canal have failed.

3. Primary (baby) teeth - When baby teeth do not fall out naturally, an extraction may be necessary to allow for the permanent tooth underneath to fully erupt without complications.

4. Crowding/orthodontics - In some cases, removing teeth is necessary to ease crowding in the jaw and to make room for proper bite alignment.

Tooth extraction may seem scary, but if you truly need a tooth removed it will be the best option to protect your oral health. At Harrison Dental Associates, we'll assess your dental situation and decide a course of action to help. If you need a dental extraction, we'll talk you through it and help you get your smile healthy again!

Are you experiencing symptoms like pain, signs of advanced tooth decay, or infection and think you may need dental extraction?
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